01. Nothing
02. Ocean
04. 1845
05. Cruel Mother
07. Fatal Flower Garden
08. Old Bangum
09. Fly to Me
10. Lamplighting Time
Rayna Gellert

Old Light: Songs from My Childhood & Other Gone Worlds

Produced by Rayna Gellert

Rayna Gellert’s deep roots in American traditional music have informed her work with artists such as Robyn Hitchcock, Tyler Ramsey, Sara Watkins, and John Paul Jones, as well as her tenure as a member of the stringband Uncle Earl. On Old Light: Songs from My Childhood & Other Gone Worlds, she delves into new territory, applying her unique musical background to original songs and fresh arrangements of traditional songs. With beautiful accompaniment from guitarist Nathan Salsburg and other contributors (including Abigail Washburn, Kai Welch, Scott Miller, and Alice Gerrard), Rayna explores memory — its fragility and its power — with restraint and originality.

Old Light shows how a deep immersion in our musical past can point the way toward the future of American music.

Release Date: October 2, 2012