01. Prelude
02. Liberty City (Part 1)
03. Black River Falls
04. All Along
05. Liberty City (Part 2)
06. He's a Bad Boy
07. Kind of Dumb
08. Liberty City (Part 3)
09. Old Alabama
11. Orphée in Opelousas
12. Chuck Baby
13. And Then Go Home
Too Sad For The Public

Vol. 1 Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade

With Last Forever, songwriter/composer Dick Connette released four albums based on American folk and popular traditions. His new project, Too Sad for the Public, expands upon his earlier work with
Vol. 1 - Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade, featuring vocals by Suzzy Roche, Ana Egge, Rachelle Garniez, and Gabriel Kahane. The new album has 6 originals, 2 covers (Carole King and Van Morrison), and tributes to Jaco Pastorius and go-go superstar Chuck Brown. The ensemble of 17 musicians includes Rayna Gellert, Chaim Tannenbaum, Erik Friedlander, Steve Elson, and Astral Weeks guitarist Jay Berliner.

According to fRoots, “Dick Connette’s vision of Americana seemingly encompasses jazz, vaudeville, minstrelsy, the New Deal classical composers and orchestrated pop. His songs are beautifully crafted, highly melodic and full of memorable lyrics.”

Release Date: June 16, 2017