June 2016

Judd Apatow-Executive Produced Video for Loudon Wainwright's 'I Had A Dream' Debuts on Funny or Die

The comedy video website Funny or Die premiered Loudon Wainwright's music video for his latest song, "I Had a Dream."  Watch HERE

Throughout his career, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III has occasionally turned his attention to current events, “Social Studies” (1999) and “10 Songs for the New Depression” (2010) for example. This year’s primary season has once again given him something to (ruefully) sing about, so, acting like a one-man Super PAC, he’s rushed to write, record, and release his broadsided stumpsong. Titled "I Had A Dream," the song explores what it would be like if Donald Trump won the presidency. Upon completing the song, Wainwright enlisted famed director Judd Apatow to executive produce the video which premiered today on Funny or Die, co-directed by Myles Kane and Marc Philippe Eskenazi.

Chaim Tannenbaum Interview and Video in The Montreal Gazette

Wainwright/McGarrigle Co-hort Chaim Tannenbaum Releases Album of A Lifetime. 

Those in the know, including Wainwright, have talked about Tannenbaum’s key role in the Wainwright and McGarrigle oeuvre. But the man himself has little time for such praise. “I played a role,” said Tannenbaum. “Wainwright and Kate and Anna, they’re richly creative. They’re rambunctious. Stuff just comes out of them. I had an excellent time on the ride. It was so much fun.”

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